What are the home essentials and things to look out for?

What are the home essentials and things to look out for

Let’s talk about something else today huh? Something intimate, things that will be close to us in general on our everyday lives. First thing first, we are going to assume that you are TURNING ADULT and planning to lease or purchase your own home in the future. This is a pretty major step for you into adulthood, and you are probably ecstatic and perhaps even a little overwhelmed by all these little details as well.

We’ve been there, done that. It is very natural of us to feel this way, because there is a lot of effort that goes into turning an unfurnished property into a home and calling it your own. If you are going through the motions and couldn’t figure out where to get started, we’ll take you through the fundamentals that will turn your dream home into a perfect sanctuary in 2020.

Types of property

There are basically two main types, a resale property or a building under construction property. Depending on your needs and preference, if you’re going with the former, your home can be fully furnished or partial furnished. Most resale buyer of private condominiums do inherit the basics of fixtures and fittings. For instance, the kitchen likely has an inbuilt oven, some with refrigerator and a washer cum dryer for you too.

You will also probably have a gourmet kitchen with ready cooker hobs and hoods. However, please run through all these provided appliances and ensure they are in working condition before you shift in because you do not want to be embroiled in a heated argument with the previous owner on the malfunction of such appliances!

A fully functional and stocked kitchen is bound to make you and everyone in your family feel right at home before you know it!

If you want to avoid such messy and tedious situations, you can opt for the new launch properties by developers. These newly built homes will be almost fully furnished for you except your bedding, sofas, dining table, lighting and what not. This arrangement would be ideal for the fussy lot and people whom generally prefers everything new and not used. To ease the burden of endless checking and stuffs, this would be the easiest way out!

In early 2020, Wing Tai Holdings will be premiering their latest project in Bugis, middle road. A mega blockbuster project and a once in a lifetime chance for young millennials to secure such a rare and new property in the prime district 7. If you want to find out more, please visit them at The M official site.

Bathroom/Bedroom Rudiments

As mentioned, the basics for the bedroom and bathroom would likely have been taken care of. The professionals call it the home staging makeover before the property goes onto the market for you. In order to go the extra mile, you must invest in some new sheets, curtains, pillows, throw rugs, cushions and so on. Having these personalized items would be necessary for you to settle down in the new home.

As for the bathroom, ensure you have all the necessary sanitary equipment ranging from toilet bowl, basin, showering system to shower curtains etc. You might even want to throw in His and Her bathrobes or towels to really personalize the whole space for yourself and loved ones.

Flooring / Living Room Embellishments 

Nothing says home like some cozy flooring for the family. Therefore, be sure to invest in some comfortable rugs for your floors, especially in common areas such as the living room. These will really spruce up the whole place and add a warm and cozy feel to these living space. For the furniture in the living room, you can get some plush covers, throw pillows and cushions in order to enhance the comfort even more to create that perfect at-home atmosphere.

As you can see, there is a lot of going on behind the scene that would be required to turn your almost vacant property to an ultimate dream home. You would have to probably make more than a few trips to IKEA and do many online shopping transactions so that your new abode would take shape instantly for you. Good luck!

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