Moving will no longer be traumatic, your children will love Stirling III Residences

Changing homes has always been a difficult experience for kids, because it is hard for them leaving the school, parks, friends and the bedroom they were used to. Also, when the kids hear that the family is moving nearer to a business district, the first thing on their mind could be a boring life among the concretes. However, Stirling III Residences will be the exception!

Stirling III Residences will be a fantastic place for the young ones

stirling III

We know that you do business, but you also care about the happiness of your family. You no longer have to look for a place that suits both needs. Stirling road will be the best option in Singapore, at least for the next 10 years, for you to move with your partner and kids in tow, because it is close to the largest business districts, but in turn is surrounded by all class of educational and entertainment centers, so that the youngest will feel comfortable and satisfied while they’re growing up.

Children will study and have fun as well

No more tears for your little ones. When you and your family move to Stirling III Residences at Stirling Road, your children will not be able to decide on what to do first. Within the same facilities of the development will be a variety of entertainment options. There will be two huge swimming pools with crystal clear waters, so they can enjoy their sunny days; there will also be a tennis court so that they stay fit while having fun, and large green areas around the buildings so that they can play with their new neighbors.

Also, in the vicinity of the residence, you will find a myriad of fun places to go with your children in their free time. For example, just two blocks away you will find a McDonalds to take them to lunch. You can also walk to the Alexandra Canal Linear Park, where they can ride a bicycle and take advantage of the ramps for Skate.

As for their education, you can count on around 10 recognized nearby schools, such as Queenstown Primary, New Town Primary, Alexandra Primary, all less than 1 km away, so that it offers your child the education of better quality and next to your home.

Teens will not have complaints about their new home

As well as there are several primary schools, in the vicinity of Stirling III Residences, there are also plenty of Secondary Schools, such as Queenstown Secondary School, Queensway Secondary School, and CHIJ St Theresa’s convent, all of them with a high reputation and only between 1 and 2 kilometers away, so your teens can be independent by traveling to schools themselves confidently.

They will also have places to entertain themselves. Undoubtedly, they will benefit from the recreational areas of the entire development, where they can invite their friends over to pool parties or they can also take a walk in the various shopping centers nearby. Such as the Queenstown Shopping Center; they can register for the Opus One Music School to develop your artistic talent, and they can splurge on the desserts at Nine Fresh store, all within 10 minutes’ walk.

Babies can sleep peacefully

If you are planning to start your family, Stirling III Residences will be a nice place. A baby can sleep through the night without interruption, because these apartments will be built in a strategic location. The meticulously planned limitations allow as much noise to be removed as possible, away from the railway tracks of the Queenstown MRT station, as well as from the main road of Commonwealth Avenue and Alexandra road.

And when your baby turns toddler, you will have the comfort of a Child Care Center located in your own residence area, so you can leave him/her in a safe and close place and proceed to work without worries.

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