Are you feeling lost in the Greater Southern Waterfront living?

Greater Southern Waterfront (GSW) has seen some immense development after the announcement of shifting the important port terminals of Pasir Panjang, Tanjong Pagar and Pulau Brani. For that reason, South of Singapore is the place you need to be seen in the future going forward.

Now that you are here, are you also wondering where to reside within the Greater Southern Waterfront? Good news for the home seekers! More than 9,000 new homes were planned in this area and out of these numbers is the new 429 openings at The Reef at King’s Dock.

Reef? Yes, The Reef at King’s Dock is a brand-new waterfront residential development (from HarbourFront Three Pte Ltd) that comes with a 99-year tenure. Located in district 04, this luxurious condo sits on a landmass of approximately 28,600sq.m. With such a spacious land parcel, you would have space to yourself to soak in the vibrant Singapore life. In addition to the comfy living environment, there are more to offer while residing within this waterfront community.

Why You Should Consider The Reef Condo

A Fair Product Review from Real Estate Experts.

One of the factors you would consider when choosing a home is the developer. Is the real estate developer reliable? Which award-winning projects have they completed? Can you trust that their estate offerings are bankable?

Thankfully, this new project has a powerful backing. The brains behind the waterfront condo is the combined experience of Mapletree and Keppel Land. With over five decades of experience in asset management and development, their experience spans across not only Asia but also in the Europe. As such, you would receive some world-class home design at the reef condo with their master architects. You are really in safe hands now.

Varied Housing Options

With the Reef at King’s Dock, you will have the opportunity to choose from a range of 10 low to mid-rise apartments. Be it a 2-storey or 10-storey highs; We got your backs.

Your apartment options (site plan to be released soon):

  • 2-storey: 2 blocks
  • 3-storey: 2 blocks
  • 5-storey: 1 block
  • 7-storey: 1 block
  • 8-storey: 3 blocks
  • 10-storey: 1 block

In all, you will have 429 luxury housing options with various bedroom configurations. So, which would it be? Is it really the case of bigger the better now due to the pandemic?

No matter what you choose, all residents will be able to enjoy the spectacular view that it offers along with the ancillary facilities right at home.

Proximity to Singapore’s tourist attractions

The Reef at king’s dock is in the city of a small city. Just a bridge across the vibrant and exciting Sentosa Island.

And at Sentosa, you will get to enjoy these perks: 

Fun at several beaches – Siloso, Palawan, or Tanjong beach; you and your family will have a relaxing day filled with beach games.

Views at nature parks – with abundant wildlife diversities, there are lots to see across Sentosa nature discovery and the S.E.A Aquarium.

Sentosa golf course – if you’re not a nature lover, take your chances at Sentosa’s two 18-hole golf courses.

Beautiful nightlife – one of the highlights of Sentosa nights is its crane dance and fireworks. Starting at 8 pm, you’d watch the amusing dance and flirting of lovebirds.

In all, The Reef at King’s Dock has all that you want from a residential home – fun environment, excellent living standards and a comfortable workstation right at home. Feel free to visit The Reef Condo for a safe and exclusive viewing arrangement now!

What are the home essentials and things to look out for?

Let’s talk about something else today huh? Something intimate, things that will be close to us in general on our everyday lives. First thing first, we are going to assume that you are TURNING ADULT and planning to lease or purchase your own home in the future. This is a pretty major step for you into adulthood, and you are probably ecstatic and perhaps even a little overwhelmed by all these little details as well.

We’ve been there, done that. It is very natural of us to feel this way, because there is a lot of effort that goes into turning an unfurnished property into a home and calling it your own. If you are going through the motions and couldn’t figure out where to get started, we’ll take you through the fundamentals that will turn your dream home into a perfect sanctuary in 2020.

Types of property

There are basically two main types, a resale property or a building under construction property. Depending on your needs and preference, if you’re going with the former, your home can be fully furnished or partial furnished. Most resale buyer of private condominiums do inherit the basics of fixtures and fittings. For instance, the kitchen likely has an inbuilt oven, some with refrigerator and a washer cum dryer for you too.

You will also probably have a gourmet kitchen with ready cooker hobs and hoods. However, please run through all these provided appliances and ensure they are in working condition before you shift in because you do not want to be embroiled in a heated argument with the previous owner on the malfunction of such appliances!

A fully functional and stocked kitchen is bound to make you and everyone in your family feel right at home before you know it!

If you want to avoid such messy and tedious situations, you can opt for the new launch properties by developers. These newly built homes will be almost fully furnished for you except your bedding, sofas, dining table, lighting and what not. This arrangement would be ideal for the fussy lot and people whom generally prefers everything new and not used. To ease the burden of endless checking and stuffs, this would be the easiest way out!

In early 2020, Wing Tai Holdings will be premiering their latest project in Bugis, middle road. A mega blockbuster project and a once in a lifetime chance for young millennials to secure such a rare and new property in the prime district 7. If you want to find out more, please visit them at The M official site.

Bathroom/Bedroom Rudiments

As mentioned, the basics for the bedroom and bathroom would likely have been taken care of. The professionals call it the home staging makeover before the property goes onto the market for you. In order to go the extra mile, you must invest in some new sheets, curtains, pillows, throw rugs, cushions and so on. Having these personalized items would be necessary for you to settle down in the new home.

As for the bathroom, ensure you have all the necessary sanitary equipment ranging from toilet bowl, basin, showering system to shower curtains etc. You might even want to throw in His and Her bathrobes or towels to really personalize the whole space for yourself and loved ones.

Flooring / Living Room Embellishments 

Nothing says home like some cozy flooring for the family. Therefore, be sure to invest in some comfortable rugs for your floors, especially in common areas such as the living room. These will really spruce up the whole place and add a warm and cozy feel to these living space. For the furniture in the living room, you can get some plush covers, throw pillows and cushions in order to enhance the comfort even more to create that perfect at-home atmosphere.

As you can see, there is a lot of going on behind the scene that would be required to turn your almost vacant property to an ultimate dream home. You would have to probably make more than a few trips to IKEA and do many online shopping transactions so that your new abode would take shape instantly for you. Good luck!

Location or size of your new home – Which is more important?

When you are planning to relocate your family into a new home, there will be two major elements which you will focus on; location and the type of housing for your loved ones. You will have to decide if the location of the new house is important or the size of the new property is your priority. In most of the cases, where home hunters are out looking for an ideal locale such as a private property in a posh area or being close by to the commercial districts, they will always end up looking with an increased price quantum of the properties.

Especially so when they’re into properties in prime district 9 such as the new Haus on handy along handy road, they will only be offered a smaller sized property and at the same cost as a bigger unit in some side-by-side neighborhoods. If you need a larger house and venue is not your main issue, you can always proceed to other city fringe area further from the market or within a non-mature neighborhood.

In such areas, you can easily secure a larger abode and at a much reasonable price point. It is crucial for you to keep your family’s needs in mind before making any final decisions. If you are in a struggling phase, ie. split between the location and sizes of the new home, the following guide could help you in coming up with a solution.

Size of the house


  • Planning to start a bigger family – If you are planning to expand your family shortly after moving into your new home, future-proof on the size will be important. If you are looking for a single bedded property that accommodates only a couple, you may end up living in a match-box — no need to worry if you have the financial means to expand your lifestyle with your partner.


  • A large family – If you already have a large family by default, it is crystal clear that you’ll require a larger space to house your family. If you’re a pet owner, you might also require an outdoor space for your pets. Prime condo units at Haus on handy could offer you a great space option at an affordable price tag. It could be what you are looking out for!


  • Downsizing – Well, sometimes when you are facing economic constraints or about to retire, you may be downsizing. In such cases, the price of the house is important for you, as you are planning to cut down on your overall expenses. Therefore, prepare your financial calculations early to avoid any possible embarrassments. You may face issues in downsizing and may be moving away from your friends, but there are areas that offer some best housing facilities. Even if you are opting for a smaller unit within Haus on handy, the facilities offered by the developer will not make you feel bad, and you can easily settle yourself in it with all the smart technologies.


  • Travel a lot – If you are such a person who loves to travel, then buying a large home is not ideal. Most of the time you are out of the city, and your house will be empty. Better to save some money for traveling and gratifying your love for it. As you are most of the time out of your house, therefore the location of the house does not matter.

Location of the property


  • Geographical location – Regardless of you planning to purchase a home or renting it out subsequently, geographical locale is critically important. You will pay higher for a good geographical location and you will also get a higher price on selling that later. You may not face big issues should you decide to sell it at a later date. Your home price will increase with each passing day and that’s what we call home capital appreciation.


  • A convenient place – Most of the people want a house at a venue that is easy to access. Individuals will appreciate a neighborhood with some commercial areas, schools and offices. Most of the city dwellers will swear for having to travel for hours in order to reach their office or school as it is exhausting to do it daily.


To avoid this scenario, you can purchase a private property which is close to your office or school of your kids. It will also cut down on the overall cost of traveling and you can add to that price in your home’s value. Commercial districts like Dhoby Ghaut where the latest Haus on handy is positioned, will be highly sought-after.


  • Consider amenities – Whether it is a coffee shop or transportation option, consider your surrounding amenities before you make a move on the new property. If you love to shop, Orchard road will be your best bet and this option is already yours if you’re looking at Haus on Handy by City Developments Limited (CDL).

How much do you know about the developer before committing to riviere condo?

Well, how much do you know about the developer who is developing your future dream home? Are they a reputable organization with solid portfolios to boost with or just an ordinary firm with standard operating procedures on the construction? To purchase a home is an art, a dream that many people can only dream of and perhaps a nightmare for some, when they have no idea on how to go about doing what they ought to do. They looked out at tons of project websites and brochures with the hope of finding a place that is perfect to be their dream home but is this how the selection process should be? Perhaps not, argued by some of the veteran home hunters.

If you were to come across a development where you can enjoy all the luxurious amenities and also the modern facilities, what would you do? You would obviously be the first person to pull out the cheque and make the booking to secure the residential unit right on the spot. However, have you also thought about the promises made by the project developers? Are they genuine or not? Are they going to deliver the same just like what they’re promoting in their show flats and advertisements? You need to seriously check out the backgrounds and stuffs about the developer before you begin acquiring the property. No?

Start with the history of developers

The first thing you have to do is, check the background of the targeted developer. Such as the Frasers Property Singapore where they are actively promoting their newest mixed development at Jiak Kim Street recently. If you think this is where you want to be for the rest of your lives with your loved ones and are planning to own a residential unit at Riviere, then you have to view the earlier projects that are being developed by Frasers brand, the holding company of these completed homes, on whether they are into local real estate development businesses and their track records since induction.

After some extensive research on our part, it appears that they have successfully left their foot prints on more than 80 countries and is a listed company in Singapore with wide diversification of their businesses now. As they belong to a renowned group of developer, you should have lesser worry on this part and may proceed to explore further with their new condo project moving forward.

However, if you are about to deal with any developer who are not that reputable or heard of in the local property market, then you may need to check on whether they have completed their past residential projects in time. If they have handed over the keys to the respective buyers promptly and if they are satisfied with the new housing delivery and so on. If everything turns out fine after your background checks, you may trust your instincts and proceed ahead if you want to.

Discussion about the stages of payment

Once you are assured of the developers for your upcoming dream home and are ready to commit on the booking of your unit, you must discuss with the marketing agents appointed by the developers on the expected delivery and the upfront payment from a detailed financial calculation made against the banks.

As such, a mortgage specialist will be engaged to assist in your In-Principle Approval by the bank and the subsequent monthly repayments to the bank going forward. However, if you are paying the condo in full to the respective developer, then you can leave the poor bankers by the side.

Last but not least, the above-mentioned mixed development by Frasers is located on the site of former Zouk Club, a place where many party-goers will remember by the Singapore river. If you’re keen to explore this new development at Jiak Kim Street, you may visit their official Riviere website for show flat viewing arrangement now!

The Prime Districts of Choice for Newly Developed Condo

Throughout Singapore and amid the noticeable unweakened expansion of newly developed condo private residential stock in the city-state and the inherent extension of transport networks, many potentially new home buyers are certain where the right condo realty is. Potential home buyers in the Singapore private condo housing market are presented with vast choices beyond the Central Region in the Singapore condo market.

However, the allure of New developed condo units is in both traditional prime area and ever growing new prime districts 9, 10 and 11 remains largely ideal as most buyer’s central location. These locations with apartment buildings such as 8 Saint Thomas located at 8 St Thomas Walk, boosts a greater convenience with a vastly rich array of amenities and these districts are home to some of the most prestigious addresses in Singapore.

What does it mean for new condo unit growth?

While Singapore developers have been building these prime new condo developments for potential buyers, these home buyers has been taking the opportunity to capture newly developed condo at lower prices since there may be an increase later on. With the government imposing of the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) ruling, this will make the transaction volumes of non-landed properties in districts 9, 10 and 11 with 3,400 units in the first eight months in 2018, ultimately translating to 283 or more units per month with growth. This will be higher than 40% in the previous years starting from the beginning of 2016, which showed an average of around 200 units per month in developed unit growth.

An assessment of what makes them prime districts

By taking the three districts 9, 10, 11 and comparing it with the newly recognised prime area of 1, 2 and 4, total transaction volume for newly developed condo for the first 2 quarters of 2017 was close to 1,900 units, which is arguably over 40% higher with comparisons to H1 2016 of nearly 1,300 units. The prices of these newly developed condo units have similarly shown that there is a stronger upturn across all prime districts around Singapore, despite districts 9, 10 and 11 presenting higher growth on a quarterly basis in all of 2017 collectively.

Does this change the clarity and confidence in new developed prime condo units in other areas around Singapore?

Throughout Singapore and set against the atmosphere of new developed condo unit investment risks and rising prices of the prime residential properties outside of desired prime locations which are key districts in Singapore, these districts are widely regarded as safe haven districts for Singapore economic growth and political fundamentals for Singapore.

With that being said; What ultimately remains on the board for both individual and developer property investors? Both will get the true transparency and comprehensiveness for upcoming new development private housing condo plans, and clearer outlook of a new property cooling measures which will be imposed by the government, also the efficiency to better actualize these development plans for the condo buildings, as these are strong measures that Singapore real estate market and government still delivers to instill due clarity and confidence in new real estate projects and prospects around Singapore.

The Best Condo Choice for Small and Large Families

Contrary to many popular disbeliefs, when you and/or your family are intending to purchase a new private home for whatever reasons, there are probably many obstacles and concerns before making any decisions that may come back to haunt you in the years down the road.

You will have to consider the proximity of all nearby educational institutions where your school-going kids will be studying or your children’s office location where they commute to work shouldn’t be too far and difficult to reach on a daily basis.

The residential neighbourhood must be in a safe district, abundance of fresh air without pollution, adequate sunlight for your wet laundry and a whole lot of recreational facilities in the vicinity. Therefore, the redeveloping project on South Buona Vista Road (Kent Ridge Hill Residences) win hands down comfortably on all aspects.

kent ridge hill residences at south buona vista road

It was a positive and strategic move when Oxley Holdings acquired Vista Park in a collective sale for $418 million. Their sister company, Oxley Spinel Private Limited will be taking over and redevelop the entire project site. This local award-winning developer has an excellent track record of constructing the most generous, durable and affordable private home in Singapore. They are using the current eco-friendly material that will reinforce the building structure that will last for many generations.

  • Benefits for children

The new Kent Ridge Hill Residences are well-connected with most of the major educational institutions in Singapore by road and the train station. Located in Pasir Panjang precinct, the main road flanks the housing estate on one side and the other side with South Buona Vista Road. Residents who will be using the train service would be glad to know that the Pasir Panjang MRT (Circle Line Extension) are within walking distance to the condominium.

Therefore, likewise for children, they will find it easy commuting to school and teenagers will be able to attend their colleges very conveniently even if they are situated in some other parts of the city state.

Recreation wise, developer did not neglect this aspect of a child’s life. For younger kids, there will be a safe and beautiful playground within the development. For older kids, there are many gardens on different themes and lawn space where they can hang-out with their friends in the evenings or during the weekends. For the fitness-conscious youngsters, there will be a jogging track laid out for them as well.

  • Benefits for adults

Even though the new Kent Ridge Hill Residences are being constructed by the edge of a hilly area, the entire housing estate is not remote at all. For the stay-at-home residents, large supermarkets, shopping areas etc. are within easy reach. For those who have to travel to work on weekdays, they too will benefit from the proximity to an excellent network of roads and railway lines.

The Top Investment Option in Upper Bukit Timah – Mayfair Collection

A luxury apartment that is strategically situated among plenty of greenery is always in great demand. So is the case with the new redevelopment project, the Mayfair Collection that is coming up on Rifle Range Road at Upper Bukit Timah. It is a classic combination of lush greenery in the surroundings and an abundance of conveniences and matured amenities.

The residential development has spacious bedroom layout that are designed to provide comfort as well as luxury to all the residents. The finest lifestyle living can be very pricey in Singapore, but the former Mayfair Gardens provide you the advantage of all benefits and at a more affordable rate. The units are designed for maximum privacy and a constant flow of fresh air around the residential area.

How will home investors benefit?

The impressive layout configuration of the condos at Mayfair Collection are both spacious and highly defined for a luxurious lifestyle living. The homes within the development are suitable for young working professionals as they are very close to the King Albert MRT station and therefore, travelling to work will be very convenient during the morning rush hour on the downtown line. The Pan-Island Expressway (PIE) and Clementi Road are also very close by for drivers.

Best of all, families with young school-going children will find the distance to their prestigious schools and colleges very convenient. Senior citizens will also be able to retire in a beautiful and well-designed development. Hence, these condominiums will be one of the top choice for investors who wish to put their homes on rent for a healthy yield.

Matured Amenities and Entertainment

The Rifle Range Road where the subject site is situated has many shopping areas nearby to boast of. Residents need not venture too far for their basic daily necessities such as groceries etc. Commercial areas like Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Pasarbella, Giant Hypermarket are in proximity and it made the housing development completely self-sufficient. There is also a nice market where the best and freshest produce of meat, seafood and veggie that encourages a healthy lifestyle in the community.

When there is so much hype all around a potential top real estate investment option, one is naturally compelled to take advantage of the situation early. As a private property owner here, one can always find a tenant who is fitness conscious and paying a particular attention to their health being. The housing development has a vast walking area, jogging track and other activity zones. Also, the shopping malls are within a short driving distance where you could easily find branded labels, accessories, electronics and other items.

The major educational institutions in the Bukit Timah area can be reached in a very short amount of time via train or the bus services available right at your doorstep. So whether you’re occupying the apartment or are purchasing one as an investment asset, the condo unit at Mayfair Collection is definitely a very profitable proposition.

The Demand for Private Penthouse Property at Amber 45

The Demand for Private Penthouse Property at Amber 45

There’s certainly a demand for penthouses in Singapore. With new condo developments underway and the addition of penthouses to these buildings, it makes the penthouse property more desirable for the uniqueness in many aspects. The fact that people can set themselves apart from the rest of the residents of the building and afford the higher price tag of the penthouse is what makes it a competitive property for many condo buildings as well.

How big is the demand for penthouse property around Singapore?

With new condo building developments popping up all over the place, most of these new developments are including a penthouse as an option to potential buyers in the real estate market for condos. As far as the demand goes on for Singapore penthouse properties, the more desirable it is to live at the top of the newly developed condo property like Amber 45 in Katong. Because it’s the most ideal position to be, on the top of a condo building with more amenities. Although it is the highest priced property in a condo development, it’s a more in demand piece of private asset, especially for urbanites who can afford a larger price tag on their private property purchase. Penthouses have better resale rates in Singapore as compared to the condo units that are directly beneath it. However, you can still get great amenities with living in a condo unit.

The desirability of penthouse property

In Singapore, a penthouse provides you a luxurious condo living experience at the top floor of a new condo development like Amber 45 which makes it desirable in many aspects. For potential buyers, a penthouse property offers them all of the essential luxuries just like you’re buying a separate home on a separate plot, but it’s on top of a condo building with spectacular views of the sea. Singapore’s penthouses are highly desired as a luxury real estate investment because they come with the best amenities a luxury condo project in Singapore has to offer. Whilst a penthouse may not be as private as a separate detached luxury home, it’s still a private residence living at the top of a new or older developed condo building. A Singapore condo provides some of the most amazing benefits for living in the city state here, with lobby services and many more amenities that are unique and solely for penthouse living use only.


Are penthouses difficult to buy?

Penthouses are the most difficult property to buy because it’s the only private living space like it’s on top of the condo building that’s unique to the development and, most of the time when a new condo project are being developed, they are already bought and sold before it is fully completed. If you’re in the market for a penthouse, you have to act fast as a lot of time, they don’t even make it to the market unless the original owner is selling it. Despite the high price, a penthouse living is like dipping in your own private luxury home spa.  Penthouses are prime real estate usually located in the most prestigious areas of many different districts such as East Coast area, but the quality, size and the location of penthouse property is why it’s so difficult to purchase, because you’ll most likely miss out on buying it. So, do not miss this chance when you have it at Amber 45 by UOL Group Limited. Grab the opportunity and become one of the proud owner now!

The Opus Singapore by CDL

Are we on the consensus of Singapore being the paradise for foreign talents? Whom they thought they could demand and expect the best job with the top income bracket out there among South East Asian cities? This will certainly be the primary cause on foreign expatriates, they will most probably grab the opportunity for any job offers with hardly any second thoughts before flying over with their families. In most cases, they will take some time to settle down and to adapt to our way of living locally.

However, they will be looking for properties with easy access due to the unfamiliar territory so that it enables them to be able to travel in ease. Either to and from work in the central business district, Changi international business park or the weekly getaway for some leisure.

Ever since City Developments Limited (CDL) and Hong Realty began to market their new launch project in one of the most coveted address in our prime district 15, it attracted a lot of interest between both locals and the foreign communities alike as the location of The Opus at Amber Gardens is an unpolished gem of the east.

The Opus at Amber Gardens by City Developments and Hong Realty

The Opus condo has all the necessity that every resident requires. In terms of location, affordability price tag as well as full suites of facilities. Sitting on 16 Amber Gardens, this development indeed pampers all with the marvellous area encircling it. Who will be able to resist the temptation of residing in an upscale neighbourhood, where shopping malls are conveniently a stone’s throw away?

The Opus condo is really in close-proximity to Katong shopping mall, Parkway Parade, our east coast beach and the iconic I12 shopping mall. This upmarket shopping destinations provide all visitors who demand the latest fashion, high-tech consumer electronics and devices. Not to mention, there are fine-dining establishments for the well-heeled and residents of The Opus will certainly be able to have a wide variety of international cuisines in Singapore style.

The Opus is a freehold development in Tanjong Katong Precinct

At the end of the day, all this convenience and amenities are just part of the package. It does not form the buying decision of this 200,000 square foot site condo alone.

But all residents will definitely be able to enjoy the quality time spent with their loved ones without departing off their comfort zone within the development. All common units will be equipped with intelligent systems to facilitate the smart living environment.

In addition to that, there will also be Olympic size swimming pool, kids’ recreation area, tennis court, fitness corner, special gardens and bbq pits for everyone.

If you’re an owner of a high floor apartment unit, you will also be able to have a great panoramic view of the sea due to the strategic orientation of this plot of land.

Nevertheless, you have a wide option to choose from a single bedroom to multiple bedrooms based on your requirement as a single or family based.

Story of former Amber Park to the current The Opus Singapore

You may not be aware, CDL was the original developer for Amber Park in the 1980s. They are extremely elated to win the bid and to redevelop the site into another masterpiece. So, if you’re planning to purchase for investment or for your own stay, you will be assured of the quality.