Location or size of your new home – Which is more important?

When you are planning to relocate your family into a new home, there will be two major elements which you will focus on; location and the type of housing for your loved ones. You will have to decide if the location of the new house is important or the size of the new property is your priority. In most of the cases, where home hunters are out looking for an ideal locale such as a private property in a posh area or being close by to the commercial districts, they will always end up looking with an increased price quantum of the properties.

Especially so when they’re into properties in prime district 9 such as the new Haus on handy along handy road, they will only be offered a smaller sized property and at the same cost as a bigger unit in some side-by-side neighborhoods. If you need a larger house and venue is not your main issue, you can always proceed to other city fringe area further from the market or within a non-mature neighborhood.

In such areas, you can easily secure a larger abode and at a much reasonable price point. It is crucial for you to keep your family’s needs in mind before making any final decisions. If you are in a struggling phase, ie. split between the location and sizes of the new home, the following guide could help you in coming up with a solution.

Size of the house


  • Planning to start a bigger family – If you are planning to expand your family shortly after moving into your new home, future-proof on the size will be important. If you are looking for a single bedded property that accommodates only a couple, you may end up living in a match-box — no need to worry if you have the financial means to expand your lifestyle with your partner.


  • A large family – If you already have a large family by default, it is crystal clear that you’ll require a larger space to house your family. If you’re a pet owner, you might also require an outdoor space for your pets. Prime condo units at Haus on handy could offer you a great space option at an affordable price tag. It could be what you are looking out for!


  • Downsizing – Well, sometimes when you are facing economic constraints or about to retire, you may be downsizing. In such cases, the price of the house is important for you, as you are planning to cut down on your overall expenses. Therefore, prepare your financial calculations early to avoid any possible embarrassments. You may face issues in downsizing and may be moving away from your friends, but there are areas that offer some best housing facilities. Even if you are opting for a smaller unit within Haus on handy, the facilities offered by the developer will not make you feel bad, and you can easily settle yourself in it with all the smart technologies.


  • Travel a lot – If you are such a person who loves to travel, then buying a large home is not ideal. Most of the time you are out of the city, and your house will be empty. Better to save some money for traveling and gratifying your love for it. As you are most of the time out of your house, therefore the location of the house does not matter.

Location of the property


  • Geographical location – Regardless of you planning to purchase a home or renting it out subsequently, geographical locale is critically important. You will pay higher for a good geographical location and you will also get a higher price on selling that later. You may not face big issues should you decide to sell it at a later date. Your home price will increase with each passing day and that’s what we call home capital appreciation.


  • A convenient place – Most of the people want a house at a venue that is easy to access. Individuals will appreciate a neighborhood with some commercial areas, schools and offices. Most of the city dwellers will swear for having to travel for hours in order to reach their office or school as it is exhausting to do it daily.


To avoid this scenario, you can purchase a private property which is close to your office or school of your kids. It will also cut down on the overall cost of traveling and you can add to that price in your home’s value. Commercial districts like Dhoby Ghaut where the latest Haus on handy is positioned, will be highly sought-after.


  • Consider amenities – Whether it is a coffee shop or transportation option, consider your surrounding amenities before you make a move on the new property. If you love to shop, Orchard road will be your best bet and this option is already yours if you’re looking at Haus on Handy by City Developments Limited (CDL).

How much do you know about the developer before committing to riviere condo?

Well, how much do you know about the developer who is developing your future dream home? Are they a reputable organization with solid portfolios to boost with or just an ordinary firm with standard operating procedures on the construction? To purchase a home is an art, a dream that many people can only dream of and perhaps a nightmare for some, when they have no idea on how to go about doing what they ought to do. They looked out at tons of project websites and brochures with the hope of finding a place that is perfect to be their dream home but is this how the selection process should be? Perhaps not, argued by some of the veteran home hunters.

If you were to come across a development where you can enjoy all the luxurious amenities and also the modern facilities, what would you do? You would obviously be the first person to pull out the cheque and make the booking to secure the residential unit right on the spot. However, have you also thought about the promises made by the project developers? Are they genuine or not? Are they going to deliver the same just like what they’re promoting in their show flats and advertisements? You need to seriously check out the backgrounds and stuffs about the developer before you begin acquiring the property. No?

Start with the history of developers

The first thing you have to do is, check the background of the targeted developer. Such as the Frasers Property Singapore where they are actively promoting their newest mixed development at Jiak Kim Street recently. If you think this is where you want to be for the rest of your lives with your loved ones and are planning to own a residential unit at Riviere, then you have to view the earlier projects that are being developed by Frasers brand, the holding company of these completed homes, on whether they are into local real estate development businesses and their track records since induction.

After some extensive research on our part, it appears that they have successfully left their foot prints on more than 80 countries and is a listed company in Singapore with wide diversification of their businesses now. As they belong to a renowned group of developer, you should have lesser worry on this part and may proceed to explore further with their new condo project moving forward.

However, if you are about to deal with any developer who are not that reputable or heard of in the local property market, then you may need to check on whether they have completed their past residential projects in time. If they have handed over the keys to the respective buyers promptly and if they are satisfied with the new housing delivery and so on. If everything turns out fine after your background checks, you may trust your instincts and proceed ahead if you want to.

Discussion about the stages of payment

Once you are assured of the developers for your upcoming dream home and are ready to commit on the booking of your unit, you must discuss with the marketing agents appointed by the developers on the expected delivery and the upfront payment from a detailed financial calculation made against the banks.

As such, a mortgage specialist will be engaged to assist in your In-Principle Approval by the bank and the subsequent monthly repayments to the bank going forward. However, if you are paying the condo in full to the respective developer, then you can leave the poor bankers by the side.

Last but not least, the above-mentioned mixed development by Frasers is located on the site of former Zouk Club, a place where many party-goers will remember by the Singapore river. If you’re keen to explore this new development at Jiak Kim Street, you may visit their official Riviere website for show flat viewing arrangement now!

District 19 location of the new Florence Residence by Logan

If you’ve been curious to find out more on the location after hearing from different sources pertaining to the latest residential development in Hougang, you are on the right track as we will be unveiling this gem to you right now. But let’s be clear, if you have been on the market searching for a long time or have been waiting for your “perfect” home, you will surely be disappointed once again as there won’t be any perfect home unless you built it yourself on a perfect location. Even so, it will come at a not so perfect price.

Sourcing permanent accommodation in Singapore will depend highly on several factors but especially on these two: your economic prowess and the districts in which you are interested with. We’ve seen a surging number of expats shifting over to District 19 in recent years and it really has a complete environment for the new residents moving forward.

This place offers you a guide to the different districts that make up the wealthy city state, the characteristics of each neighborhood area, the type of housing option that you can find and their estimated price range. In addition, a series of resources on hand will be of great help to the community.

The Florence Residences is sitting on Hougang Avenue 2 of District 19, a well-established private enclave bestowed by the previous Florence Regency, a HUDC turned private residential development. It is situated right next to the low-rise landed properties across Florence Road to the Park Villas and beyond. On the other hand, residents will also be blessed with additional swimming complex, sports facilities and a stadium for usage just across the road from home.

Nearby amenities such as renowned 24-hour food stalls can be found easily and conveniently, while the area is being covered with both Hougang Mall and Heartland Mall in the vicinity for weekly grocery shopping.

One important aspect of this location will be the low-lying infrastructures surrounding the subject site and in return, there will be a wide panoramic angle of unblocked scenic view for the new residents.

Transportation Node

If you’re worried about moving around to and from work, there is enough means from the bus interchange network plying the important routes into the City Centre and so on. Apart from that, Hougang and Kovan MRT Station nearby will be serving residents on the purple colored North-East Line. You can reach Harbourfront on this stretch of running trains while having the option of branching out towards Buona Vista, Paya Lebar or Marina Bay via the Circle Line along the way.

If you’re a frequent flyer for business or for leisure, you would be equally pleased to be able to reach our Changi Airport faster than reaching out to our dear Orchard Road. So how’s that for a location?

The Prime Districts of Choice for Newly Developed Condo

Throughout Singapore and amid the noticeable unweakened expansion of newly developed condo private residential stock in the city-state and the inherent extension of transport networks, many potentially new home buyers are certain where the right condo realty is. Potential home buyers in the Singapore private condo housing market are presented with vast choices beyond the Central Region in the Singapore condo market.

However, the allure of New developed condo units is in both traditional prime area and ever growing new prime districts 9, 10 and 11 remains largely ideal as most buyer’s central location. These locations with apartment buildings such as 8 Saint Thomas located at 8 St Thomas Walk, boosts a greater convenience with a vastly rich array of amenities and these districts are home to some of the most prestigious addresses in Singapore.

What does it mean for new condo unit growth?

While Singapore developers have been building these prime new condo developments for potential buyers, these home buyers has been taking the opportunity to capture newly developed condo at lower prices since there may be an increase later on. With the government imposing of the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) ruling, this will make the transaction volumes of non-landed properties in districts 9, 10 and 11 with 3,400 units in the first eight months in 2018, ultimately translating to 283 or more units per month with growth. This will be higher than 40% in the previous years starting from the beginning of 2016, which showed an average of around 200 units per month in developed unit growth.

An assessment of what makes them prime districts

By taking the three districts 9, 10, 11 and comparing it with the newly recognised prime area of 1, 2 and 4, total transaction volume for newly developed condo for the first 2 quarters of 2017 was close to 1,900 units, which is arguably over 40% higher with comparisons to H1 2016 of nearly 1,300 units. The prices of these newly developed condo units have similarly shown that there is a stronger upturn across all prime districts around Singapore, despite districts 9, 10 and 11 presenting higher growth on a quarterly basis in all of 2017 collectively.

Does this change the clarity and confidence in new developed prime condo units in other areas around Singapore?

Throughout Singapore and set against the atmosphere of new developed condo unit investment risks and rising prices of the prime residential properties outside of desired prime locations which are key districts in Singapore, these districts are widely regarded as safe haven districts for Singapore economic growth and political fundamentals for Singapore.

With that being said; What ultimately remains on the board for both individual and developer property investors? Both will get the true transparency and comprehensiveness for upcoming new development private housing condo plans, and clearer outlook of a new property cooling measures which will be imposed by the government, also the efficiency to better actualize these development plans for the condo buildings, as these are strong measures that Singapore real estate market and government still delivers to instill due clarity and confidence in new real estate projects and prospects around Singapore.

The Best Condo Choice for Small and Large Families

Contrary to many popular disbeliefs, when you and/or your family are intending to purchase a new private home for whatever reasons, there are probably many obstacles and concerns before making any decisions that may come back to haunt you in the years down the road.

You will have to consider the proximity of all nearby educational institutions where your school-going kids will be studying or your children’s office location where they commute to work shouldn’t be too far and difficult to reach on a daily basis.

The residential neighbourhood must be in a safe district, abundance of fresh air without pollution, adequate sunlight for your wet laundry and a whole lot of recreational facilities in the vicinity. Therefore, the redeveloping project on South Buona Vista Road (Kent Ridge Hill Residences) win hands down comfortably on all aspects.

kent ridge hill residences at south buona vista road

It was a positive and strategic move when Oxley Holdings acquired Vista Park in a collective sale for $418 million. Their sister company, Oxley Spinel Private Limited will be taking over and redevelop the entire project site. This local award-winning developer has an excellent track record of constructing the most generous, durable and affordable private home in Singapore. They are using the current eco-friendly material that will reinforce the building structure that will last for many generations.

  • Benefits for children

The new Kent Ridge Hill Residences are well-connected with most of the major educational institutions in Singapore by road and the train station. Located in Pasir Panjang precinct, the main road flanks the housing estate on one side and the other side with South Buona Vista Road. Residents who will be using the train service would be glad to know that the Pasir Panjang MRT (Circle Line Extension) are within walking distance to the condominium.

Therefore, likewise for children, they will find it easy commuting to school and teenagers will be able to attend their colleges very conveniently even if they are situated in some other parts of the city state.

Recreation wise, developer did not neglect this aspect of a child’s life. For younger kids, there will be a safe and beautiful playground within the development. For older kids, there are many gardens on different themes and lawn space where they can hang-out with their friends in the evenings or during the weekends. For the fitness-conscious youngsters, there will be a jogging track laid out for them as well.

  • Benefits for adults

Even though the new Kent Ridge Hill Residences are being constructed by the edge of a hilly area, the entire housing estate is not remote at all. For the stay-at-home residents, large supermarkets, shopping areas etc. are within easy reach. For those who have to travel to work on weekdays, they too will benefit from the proximity to an excellent network of roads and railway lines.

A Close Comprehension of The Tre Ver

Singapore – Do you know that The Tre Ver Condo located at Potong Pasir will be constructed on the same ground as the previous Raintree Gardens?

The previous privatized housing estate was sold via an en bloc to UVD projects at a cool $334.2 million, submitted by the conglomerate UOL Group limited as well as United Industrial Corporation, both came together with a joint effort of 50:50 ratio and with an aim of bringing together a land cost of approximately $760 per plot ratio based on the maximum allowable gross floor area.

With over seven hundred posh apartments spreading through nine blocks of beautiful towers planned by the architect, any buyers seeking to purchase a waterfront home will surely find a suitable condo layout that will be both suitable and affordable.

About the available amenities

Your daily needs will be met and satisfied by placing your trust with the nearby Ultra-Mega Nex Shopping mall and City Square mall located only two train stops apart from each other. Besides the regionally recognized amenities here, there will be more upcoming new facilities such as the Poiz centre as well as the Woodleigh mall to be in neighboring Bidadari estate.

Learning facilities will also be among what most families countercheck while deciding the relocation venue, hence this is catered for by the renowned Saint Andrew’s education that traces its steps back to the early 1850s, providing not only primary but also the secondary and junior college educational tiers.

Architecture of The Tre Ver Condo

WOHA, the architects behind exclusive facilities such as School of the Arts (SOTA), the 5-star hotel of Park Royal and the Oasis hotel in Singapore among other prestigious works were chosen. They have won numerous local as well as international awards for their distinguished work.

Expect no less from them. These renowned architects have been known to create highly sustainable designs, they have been appointed to work on the riverfront frontage. You can therefore trust that this neighborhood will have some stunning architectural designs with great sense of class and uniqueness. Since it’s located by the river of Kallang, it is designed to incorporate the natural ecosystem together with the environmental guidelines to ensure both correlate well with each other.

Pros of The Tre Ver condo

As a potential homebuyer, the often commonly asked question is, why this location over others? Well, it’s rather easy to look at it. The initial purchase price by the developer is pocket friendly and in return, the selling price to consumers will be lowered as compared to neighboring projects.

Moreover, The Tre Ver Condo is strategically positioned along with developed and developing infrastructures, making it a highly viable investment choice due to the potential ROI upside.

Therefore, it will be crucial for you to secure it earlier than others before the prices go up north!

Moving will no longer be traumatic, your children will love Stirling III Residences

Changing homes has always been a difficult experience for kids, because it is hard for them leaving the school, parks, friends and the bedroom they were used to. Also, when the kids hear that the family is moving nearer to a business district, the first thing on their mind could be a boring life among the concretes. However, Stirling III Residences will be the exception!

Stirling III Residences will be a fantastic place for the young ones

stirling III

We know that you do business, but you also care about the happiness of your family. You no longer have to look for a place that suits both needs. Stirling road will be the best option in Singapore, at least for the next 10 years, for you to move with your partner and kids in tow, because it is close to the largest business districts, but in turn is surrounded by all class of educational and entertainment centers, so that the youngest will feel comfortable and satisfied while they’re growing up.

Children will study and have fun as well

No more tears for your little ones. When you and your family move to Stirling III Residences at Stirling Road, your children will not be able to decide on what to do first. Within the same facilities of the development will be a variety of entertainment options. There will be two huge swimming pools with crystal clear waters, so they can enjoy their sunny days; there will also be a tennis court so that they stay fit while having fun, and large green areas around the buildings so that they can play with their new neighbors.

Also, in the vicinity of the residence, you will find a myriad of fun places to go with your children in their free time. For example, just two blocks away you will find a McDonalds to take them to lunch. You can also walk to the Alexandra Canal Linear Park, where they can ride a bicycle and take advantage of the ramps for Skate.

As for their education, you can count on around 10 recognized nearby schools, such as Queenstown Primary, New Town Primary, Alexandra Primary, all less than 1 km away, so that it offers your child the education of better quality and next to your home.

Teens will not have complaints about their new home

As well as there are several primary schools, in the vicinity of Stirling III Residences, there are also plenty of Secondary Schools, such as Queenstown Secondary School, Queensway Secondary School, and CHIJ St Theresa’s convent, all of them with a high reputation and only between 1 and 2 kilometers away, so your teens can be independent by traveling to schools themselves confidently.

They will also have places to entertain themselves. Undoubtedly, they will benefit from the recreational areas of the entire development, where they can invite their friends over to pool parties or they can also take a walk in the various shopping centers nearby. Such as the Queenstown Shopping Center; they can register for the Opus One Music School to develop your artistic talent, and they can splurge on the desserts at Nine Fresh store, all within 10 minutes’ walk.

Babies can sleep peacefully

If you are planning to start your family, Stirling III Residences will be a nice place. A baby can sleep through the night without interruption, because these apartments will be built in a strategic location. The meticulously planned limitations allow as much noise to be removed as possible, away from the railway tracks of the Queenstown MRT station, as well as from the main road of Commonwealth Avenue and Alexandra road.

And when your baby turns toddler, you will have the comfort of a Child Care Center located in your own residence area, so you can leave him/her in a safe and close place and proceed to work without worries.

The Demand for Private Penthouse Property at Amber 45

The Demand for Private Penthouse Property at Amber 45

There’s certainly a demand for penthouses in Singapore. With new condo developments underway and the addition of penthouses to these buildings, it makes the penthouse property more desirable for the uniqueness in many aspects. The fact that people can set themselves apart from the rest of the residents of the building and afford the higher price tag of the penthouse is what makes it a competitive property for many condo buildings as well.

How big is the demand for penthouse property around Singapore?

With new condo building developments popping up all over the place, most of these new developments are including a penthouse as an option to potential buyers in the real estate market for condos. As far as the demand goes on for Singapore penthouse properties, the more desirable it is to live at the top of the newly developed condo property like Amber 45 in Katong. Because it’s the most ideal position to be, on the top of a condo building with more amenities. Although it is the highest priced property in a condo development, it’s a more in demand piece of private asset, especially for urbanites who can afford a larger price tag on their private property purchase. Penthouses have better resale rates in Singapore as compared to the condo units that are directly beneath it. However, you can still get great amenities with living in a condo unit.

The desirability of penthouse property

In Singapore, a penthouse provides you a luxurious condo living experience at the top floor of a new condo development like Amber 45 which makes it desirable in many aspects. For potential buyers, a penthouse property offers them all of the essential luxuries just like you’re buying a separate home on a separate plot, but it’s on top of a condo building with spectacular views of the sea. Singapore’s penthouses are highly desired as a luxury real estate investment because they come with the best amenities a luxury condo project in Singapore has to offer. Whilst a penthouse may not be as private as a separate detached luxury home, it’s still a private residence living at the top of a new or older developed condo building. A Singapore condo provides some of the most amazing benefits for living in the city state here, with lobby services and many more amenities that are unique and solely for penthouse living use only.


Are penthouses difficult to buy?

Penthouses are the most difficult property to buy because it’s the only private living space like it’s on top of the condo building that’s unique to the development and, most of the time when a new condo project are being developed, they are already bought and sold before it is fully completed. If you’re in the market for a penthouse, you have to act fast as a lot of time, they don’t even make it to the market unless the original owner is selling it. Despite the high price, a penthouse living is like dipping in your own private luxury home spa.  Penthouses are prime real estate usually located in the most prestigious areas of many different districts such as East Coast area, but the quality, size and the location of penthouse property is why it’s so difficult to purchase, because you’ll most likely miss out on buying it. So, do not miss this chance when you have it at Amber 45 by UOL Group Limited. Grab the opportunity and become one of the proud owner now!

Strategies for Buying a Singapore Woodleigh Condo

Popular Condo developments such as Park Colonial Woodleigh will offer some of the most convenient living when it comes to a luxury condo purchase. Located at Woodleigh Lane along Upper Serangoon Road, Park Colonial is a massive condominium project with over 800 condo units for residential living. The condo site is strategically adjacent to the Woodleigh (MRT) train station for transportation and nearby essential amenities like the Woodleigh Mall, Bidadari Park and much more, which are some key features that people look for when it comes to an ideal condo purchase. To execute your best buying strategy for a Singapore condo, there are some things you’ll need to know.

Picking the right people to work with

The first step to any home-buying process is to hire not only a property agent, but a good solicitor as well. They will provide you with the professional guidance you’ll need when it comes to laying out a strategy for buying the condo of your dreams. If you seek taking out loans for the condo property, a lawyer’s expertise will aid you in the process, the bank will also assign a lawyer to you if you do not have a solicitor to work with for the documentations required.

Picking a suitable property

Picking the right Singapore condo for you and/or the family can often be a hard task so you’ll need a house hunting team. Now that you’ve put together a house-hunting team, you are ready to shop for condo properties. While searching for the perfect condo, you want to make sure that the condo has all of the suitable features that suit your requirements.

The mortgage stage

If you’ve decided on Park Colonial Woodleigh or other projects, you can hold that condo unit for up to two weeks. This will give you an advantage over others being that they won’t be able to view the condo property while you are holding it. You have to secure your financing and pay a second option fee, if you fail to do so, it will forfeit the first fee you’ve paid. When getting a mortgage you’ll have to pay the loan at a fixed rate every month or a floating rate set by the banks, with subjective bank interest rates. Also the loan tenure is dependent on the home owners age.

Beyond the mortgage and final fees

Beyond the mortgage there are additional fees and final fees that must be paid. For Singapore citizens there’s a Buyer’s Stamp duty which is a compulsory fee for first, second and third time home buyers. Final fees includes the buyers legal and agent fees. Once all payments are settled, you can collect the keys to your new condo. After you’ve collected your keys to move into the condo, the options to remodel are solely up to you before you move in or just bring in your luggage.

Condos are a highly sought after type of real estate properties in Singapore. Despite the older and newer model buildings, condos are a great investment for people in Singapore. No matter the size and even the prices of condos are not enough to sway people when it comes to making the purchase. People are looking to buy condos for their starter homes, downsize, and more. The convenience of a condo is unbeatable when you look at all the options of different real estate types.

New 3 Cuscaden walk condo

The condo experience will be something which would combine the benefits of both home and living in an apartment. In addition, you will also find 3 Cuscaden Walk condo to share some qualities with rented apartments. This is because residents will be living in a vicinity of surrounding building residents. Hence, there would be no doubt that living in a condo will come with its fair share of perks. If you would like to know more about this before you make any final decision, take a look below.

  1. Price

In terms of investing your money in to buying a home, price will certainly be one of the first thing that you would be looking at among other things. This is because in your opinion, if you would find the price to not reflect the quality which is being provided, there will be no way that you would go ahead with it. It would be because of this reason that a lot of people seem to prefer getting a condo in today’s times. This is because mortgaging ownership will often be the smarter option. This is because no money will be lost in mortgaging. The good news is that you would be able to get more money by investing in the new 3 Cuscaden Walk condo.

  1. Not responsible for outdoor repairs

If you go ahead with the option of buying a condo, you would no longer need to burden yourself with outdoor repairs. When you come to think about it, that will actually be quite a big relief. As such, you will no longer be responsible for mowing the lawn or tending the garden. This is because the management will take care of all of this for a fee. They will include pool cleaning and roof repair as well. So, with all this extra money and powerful energy, this could be used for interior decoration. You will also be able to attend to other more important matters in your lives.

  1. Amenities

By buying a new 3 Cuscaden Walk condo, you will definitely be blown away with the diverse range of amenities that it has to offer. Starting from swimming pools to parking garages – you will be able to get it all. Other than that, you should also be able to barbecue on the terraces or exercise in the gym. In fact, many of them will come with a washer, dryer, and kitchen with stainless steel.

  1. Community living

By living in a brand new condo in Orchard Singapore, you will be able to sense that feeling of community. This is because by living with other families nearby, you will get the opportunity to meet with different kinds of people and talk with them. This will also help to foster a growing bond with your neighbors. Thanks to this community dynamic being created, a feeling of trust would also be formed. This could then help to prevent burglary within the community.

All in all, living in a condo would undoubtedly be far better than living on your own in a home.

Margaret Ville by MCL

Margaret Ville By MCL

Margaret Ville by MCL is a 99-year leasehold condominium situated at Margaret Drive, adjacent only to main road Commonwealth Ave and a very short distance by foot to both Queenstown and commonwealth train stations running on the major east west line. While the actual details of the condo have yet to be confirmed due to the relevant authorities approval, we can safely put it as not more than 300 condo units will be built within the single tower although the bedroom layout will probably be in the range of one to four bedroom including super penthouses on the very top of the building as it will offer residents of Margaret Ville with one of the killer view in recent years.

We’ve seen the draft floor plans for this latest Margaretville condo by MCL Land but were unable to comment due to the regulatory approval by the state. For your information, this condo will be a part of Queenstown planning area based on Urban Redevelopment Authority’s guideline. It is an old and matured housing estate here but also one of the highly sought-after locale by the locals and foreigners due to the close-proximity to the city centre.

It will be a self-running town for all the residents of Margaret Ville, conveniently located near a wide myriad of amenities and transportation routes including smaller roads into the central business district in as fast as 10 minutes’ drive away.

It is also within near distance to the Anchorpoint, Queensway shopping, Alexandra Central, Alexandra Village as well as the famous IKEA Alexandra should you require furniture’s in a quick and affordable manner nearby. Not only is it beneficial to the residents of Margaret Ville, there will also be plenty of food and beverages dining option for you to choose from within the immediate neighbourhood.

There will also be easting houses and hawker centres located few mins away from your residence, as well as having brick and mortar retail shops, community centres, greenery parks, library, schools and a whole host of other amenities around.

With the rise of One North and other commercial entities in close-proximity, Margaret Ville by MCL will also appear to be attractive for investors looking to have a mid to long term investment asset.

If you wanted to have a quick browse through of the development located at Margaret Drive, it will be launch after Chinese New Year. Therefore, please register your interest for the viewing arrangement and I strongly believe the staff from MCL Land will respond to you prior to the release.

Lastly, the showroom or showflat will not be on the actual site, please refrain from exploring on your own if possible as we’ve seen many unhappy clients after finding it tough to locate certain places and turning this into an unhappy event. Till then, have an enjoyable 2018 Chinese New Year!