How much do you know about the developer before committing to riviere condo?

riviere condo by frasers property singapore

Well, how much do you know about the developer who is developing your future dream home? Are they a reputable organization with solid portfolios to boost with or just an ordinary firm with standard operating procedures on the construction? To purchase a home is an art, a dream that many people can only dream of and perhaps a nightmare for some, when they have no idea on how to go about doing what they ought to do. They looked out at tons of project websites and brochures with the hope of finding a place that is perfect to be their dream home but is this how the selection process should be? Perhaps not, argued by some of the veteran home hunters.

If you were to come across a development where you can enjoy all the luxurious amenities and also the modern facilities, what would you do? You would obviously be the first person to pull out the cheque and make the booking to secure the residential unit right on the spot. However, have you also thought about the promises made by the project developers? Are they genuine or not? Are they going to deliver the same just like what they’re promoting in their show flats and advertisements? You need to seriously check out the backgrounds and stuffs about the developer before you begin acquiring the property. No?

Start with the history of developers

The first thing you have to do is, check the background of the targeted developer. Such as the Frasers Property Singapore where they are actively promoting their newest mixed development at Jiak Kim Street recently. If you think this is where you want to be for the rest of your lives with your loved ones and are planning to own a residential unit at Riviere, then you have to view the earlier projects that are being developed by Frasers brand, the holding company of these completed homes, on whether they are into local real estate development businesses and their track records since induction.

After some extensive research on our part, it appears that they have successfully left their foot prints on more than 80 countries and is a listed company in Singapore with wide diversification of their businesses now. As they belong to a renowned group of developer, you should have lesser worry on this part and may proceed to explore further with their new condo project moving forward.

However, if you are about to deal with any developer who are not that reputable or heard of in the local property market, then you may need to check on whether they have completed their past residential projects in time. If they have handed over the keys to the respective buyers promptly and if they are satisfied with the new housing delivery and so on. If everything turns out fine after your background checks, you may trust your instincts and proceed ahead if you want to.

Discussion about the stages of payment

Once you are assured of the developers for your upcoming dream home and are ready to commit on the booking of your unit, you must discuss with the marketing agents appointed by the developers on the expected delivery and the upfront payment from a detailed financial calculation made against the banks.

As such, a mortgage specialist will be engaged to assist in your In-Principle Approval by the bank and the subsequent monthly repayments to the bank going forward. However, if you are paying the condo in full to the respective developer, then you can leave the poor bankers by the side.

Last but not least, the above-mentioned mixed development by Frasers is located on the site of former Zouk Club, a place where many party-goers will remember by the Singapore river. If you’re keen to explore this new development at Jiak Kim Street, you may visit their official Riviere website for show flat viewing arrangement now!

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